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I Was Wrongfully Convicted

In December 29th, 2014, the Indiana Court of Appeals threw out 3 felony convictions of Charlie White, who is a former Secretary of State. White was acting as a member of the Fishers Town Council. According to prosecutors, White was accepting payment and serving as a council member for a district where he did not reside. Of the six felony charges for which White was convicted, the court threw out “convictions on two voter fraud charges and one perjury charge.

What is Post-conviction Relief?

Post-conviction relief is a generalized expression, which relates to appeals of criminal convictions. This can comprise release, new trial, adjustment of sentence, and any relief that is seen as proper and just. Also, the court might make accompanying commands to the relief given, which might involve re-arraignment, retrial, custody and release on security.

The Process of Post-conviction Relief

After a conviction, there is a period of time wherein anyone convicted of a crime can appeal a decision and basically ask for a different decision. Persons who appeal for post-conviction relief may claim that:

  • The sentence or conviction violates the U.S. Constitution
  • The court didn’t have jurisdiction to enact said sentence
  • The sentence surpasses the most severe punishment allowable for the crime involved
  • There is new evidence, which makes the conviction invalid
  • The sentence has expired
  • There was any other kind of error made in the original conviction or sentencing

California Post-conviction Relief Attorney

If you feel you have been wrongfully convicted of a crime or your sentence is inappropriate, you may be entitled to post-conviction relief. Kia Law is prepared to help you and defend your rights. Call 855.662.2723 or contact us online today.

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