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All DUI charges dismissed on January 11, 2022

FACTS: Our client, Geo, was arrested for driving under the influence. The arresting officer did not believe his assertion that he was not the driver of a particular vehicle. He claimed that the real driver fled the scene and that he was a passenger. The prosecuting agency, the Riverside District Attorney’s Office clearly believed that they could prove he was the driver when they filed charges against Geo. Once Geo received the citation to appear in court and became aware that charges were filed, he contacted our office.

Through our investigation, we were able to do our defense work, obtain witness statements and convince the prosecuting agency that we had a viable defense case to show that the real driver of the motor vehicle that day was the one that should have been prosecuted.

After careful consideration, our esteemed colleagues at the Riverside DA’s office reevaluated the case and agreed to dismiss all DUI charges filed against him.

CLICK HERE to see the COURT DISMISSAL of all charges.

While most attorneys would have stopped right there in doing their work, our office went above and beyond to obtain a particular DMV document that would clear the DMV from using the DUI against him on his driving record.

CLICK HERE to see the DMV form we will be sending to DMV to clear his record there.

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