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Felony DUI Charges Reduced to a Misdemeanor With No Jail Time on November 1, 2023

Our client, Allison, was accused of felony drunk driving charges. She was facing the potential of losing her job and becoming a convicted felon. She took our advise, completed the things we asked her to complete to show rehabilitation and remorse and eventually was able to get her felony charge dismissed to a misdemeanor with no jail time. We are proud of her accomplishments and her ability to make positive changes that led to a better case result than she originally expected.

CLICK HERE for a copy of her case report showing the reduction and probation terms.

Standard DUI Charges Dismissed on 09/11/23. Case resolves for wet reckless to help with client’s DACA Immigration

Our client is a “dreamer” and recipient of DACA (immigration relief). Anyone with a standard DUI would lose their DACA immigration relief. We were able to obtain an offer from the prosecutor to reduce her offense to a “wet reckless” which will pave the way for the client to continue with her DACA Recipient Status.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the resolution of the case.

At Kia Law Firm, each case is unique in their own way. We structure each of our defenses based on the facts of each individual case. We are proud of our results. We always include documentation to support our wins and reductions so that our prospective clients can earn our trust with how we handle criminal defense cases.

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Felony DUI Charges Dismissed, along with Great Bodily Injury Claim of 12022.7. Client pleads to misdemeanor DUI charges. Saves his career.

Our client is Shawn. At the time of his offense, Shawn was 60 years old. He had never been in trouble with the law before. He had been working in his career in the medical world for 34 years. In 2021, he unfortunately was involved in an automobile accident while under the influence of alcohol. The individual he collided with was injured. The injuries were significant enough to be charged as a felony, but we knew that if our client began a course of rehabilitation that one day we could work our magic and get Shawn a misdemeanor out of it and preclude him from becoming a convicted felon.


                        In March 2023, we announced ready for our PRELIMINARY HEARING in this case. At that prelim, the court had to find probable cause to believe that the injuries were that of “great bodily injury” to elevate his case to that of a strike offense. The prosecuting agency had already charged the Defendant with the strike offense PC 12022.7. At the conclusion of the preliminary hearing, the Court did not find sufficient evidence to hold the Defendant to answer for the GBI allegation and the court struck the strike enhancement. That eventually paved the way for us to continue fighting for Shawn.


                        CLICK HERE to see the court transcript dismissing the Great Bodily Injury Charge against Shawn.


                        Ultimately, we had no choice but to set the case for trial. On Day 9/10, we finally had our opportunity to persuade the court to reduce Shawn’s felony charges to misdemeanors.


                        On September 19, 2023, our wonderful Judge believed in our client’s rehabilitation process and agreed to reduce his offense to a misdemeanor.


                        Ultimately, we finally got resolution after over 24 months of working on the case.


                        At KIA LAW FIRM, we treat cases as if we were in trouble. We want to be the type of lawyers that care about their clients, their future and the goals they desire. We don’t do any type of cookie-cutter defense. Our client was wonderful and he listened to our advice and positioned himself to get the best result.


                        CLICK HERE for a copy of the CASE PRINT showing how the case resolved.


                        Finally, we are thankful for the wonderful prosecutor assigned to the case. He was extremely professional throughout the entire process and is an asset to the Riverside District Attorney’s Office.


                        If you have any legal issues that you have, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation at (951) 686-4818.

Felony Embezzlement Charges Dismissed on August 29, 2023

Our client, Maria, was accused of Felony Embezzlement Charges with a violation date of June 2021. For 16 months, we litigated this case commencing in April 2022. Throughout this 16 months, we challenged the allegations against Maria. At some point, we ever filed a Motion to Compel Discovery. A Motion to Compel was filed to force the government to turn over additional evidence that existed against our client in a timely manner.  Ultimately, on August 29, 2023, the prosecution dismissed the entire case and our client Maria was free to go home.


CLICK HERE for a copy of the case print showing the dismissal


CLICK HERE for a copy of our Motion to Compel Discovery.


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Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed on June 21, 2023. Client pleads to disturbing the peace with no probation.

Our client was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. Over the course of our defense investigation, we were able to resolve the case for a misdemeanor with no probation, no domestic violence record, no domestic violence classes and minimal fines. For our client, the most important thing was also to keep his gun rights. A plea to a misdemeanor act of domestic violence (PC 273.5) would preclude the ability to own or possess weapons.


CLICK HERE for a copy of the minute order.

Sexual Battery Charges Dismissed. Client does not have to register as a sex offender for 10 years

Our client, Mario, was accused of several crimes. One of them was resisting arrest as a felony (in violation of Penal Code 69). The other two significant charges were two counts of sexual battery. Over the course of several years, we challenged the legitimacy of the of the sexual battery charges. Eventually, we were successful in getting those charges dismissed and the client pled to two counts of simple battery that do not require sexual registration.


At Kia Law Firm, we resolve our cases favorably with the law on our side. We put in the work to get the desired result when the facts support it. In Mario’s case, we fought the case for several years. We had our preliminary hearing. We cross-examined the investigating officer. We believe in perseverance. Eventually, our client was really happy with the result. Having to register as a sex offender is a challenging task. We are fortunate to have been able to dismiss those counts with legal knowledge. We were also able to dismiss a prior strike that was alleged against him.  Lastly, he had no jail time. He simply has to do 500 hours of community service.


CLICK HERE for a copy of the Case Print showing the resolution of the case.


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