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Follow-Up to Not Guilty Verdict of 2/2/18. We Successfully Erased the Arrest Record of Our Client

On February 2, 2018, attorney Kia Feyzjou received a Not Guilty Verdict at trial. Focusing on subsequently erasing the criminal arrest record of our client, Oscar, we filed a VERIFIED PETITION TO SEAL HIS ARREST RECORD (CLICK HERE). We served the Upland Police Department, the San Bernardino District Attorney, as well as the Court. On May 11, 2018, the Court GRANTED THE MOTION and ordered our client’s arrest record be sealed and destroyed from his criminal history record pursuant to newly enacted Penal Code 851.91 which states, “851.91. (a) A person who has suffered an arrest that did not result in a conviction may petition the court to have his or her arrest and related records sealed”. CLICK HERE for the Order Granting the Motion. The benefit of sealing an arrest record is that future employers don’t see that our client was ever arrested for a charge in which he was found not guilty. At Kia Law Firm, we strive to make your life easier following a false allegation leading to an arrest. Call (951) 686-4818 for an evaluation of your case.

Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed on November 29, 2017

In October 2017, we were retained to assist Kristen on a domestic violence charge that was filed in 2015. Once we discussed the case with the client, we determined that there were two issues that were pressing. First, she appeared to be innocent to the charges. The prosecutor in this case filed charges against her when the charges had no merit. Second, the incident occurred in 2015 and she didn’t know about the charges until 2017 when she went to do a background interview and it came up that she had an outstanding warrant.

We appeared in court and tried talking to the prosecutor informally about dropping the charges as she was innocent. Unfortunately, this prosecutor didn’t see the case the same way we did. Therefore, after our initial attempt to resolve it informally didn’t work, we filed a MOTION TO DISMISS THE CASE (CLICK HERE FOR A COPY OF THE MOTION TO DISMISS). The motion was filed on 11/7/18. CLICK HERE TO SEE A COPY OF THE 11/7/17 HEARING RESULTS).

On 11/29/2017, our motion to dismiss was heard. The prosecutor in the case agreed to dismiss the case against Kristen on that date. CLICK HERE FOR THE DISMISSAL ON 11/29/17.

At KIA LAW FIRM, we don’t just recall warrants to plead clients guilty. Rather, we focus on you, the client. We determine the best course of action and outcome that suits your needs. Here, Kristen deserved nothing short of a dismissal. She can continue with her career without any criminal blemishes on her record. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Misdemeanor Theft Charge Dismissed on 10/20/17. Case Resolves for an Infraction

Our client was charged for a theft charge. We were successful in dismissing her misdemeanor charge and substituting an infraction in its place. By not having a misdemeanor on her record, our client will be able to get a job and not be judged by a dumb mistake she made in her 20s. All too often, people plead guilty in court because they don’t want to make an effort to get reduced charges. By having her misdemeanor dismissed, our client will be able to answer “NO” to the question that asks, “Have you ever been convicted of any misdemeanor felony offenses”. With this difficult job market, it is so important to keep a clear record as much as possible. Therefore, we always recommend having an attorney review the fact of your theft case before you assume there is no defense to whatever you may have done.

We are available 24/7 to address your case.

CLICK HEREto read our YELP reviews.


October 20, 2017 Dismissal of Burglary Charges After 27 Months of Litigation

Our client, in July 2015 was falsely accused of committing a burglary. When we first met Pierre 27 months ago in July 2015, he explained how he did not commit any crimes. He drew us a picture of the layout of the scene and indicated that he was being set up by a competitor who was in the same line of business. The purpose of the false allegation was to force our client out of business. From day one, we believed in the innocence of our client. Session after session, we gathered all of our evidence in support of his defense. We provided the prosecution with documentation, police reports, photos and business receipts showing that the allegations were false. We were offered “deals” which required our client to plead guilty to some other offense. Since our client was innocent, we continuously refused. In fact, we even set the matter for trial multiple times. Eventually, after 27 months (our longest case to be honest), the prosecutor finally agreed to dismiss all of the charges against Pierre. When we called Pierre to tell him about the news, he cried. It truly is a beautiful thing to be able to call a client and tell them that their case has been dismissed.

So, what is the moral of the story here. At KIA LAW FIRM, we don’t take on a case to finish it as quickly as possible. We take our time to DO THINGS RIGHT. Although we were on a flat-fee with the client, our focus has never been on finishing cases quickly. Instead, we resolve cases based on our belief that we have reached the best result possible. In this case, for Pierre, the best result was 27 months of litigation and 27 COURT SESSIONS.

The attorney-client privilege is a relationship based on TRUST. If you can’t trust your lawyer, don’t hire him/her. We strive to be the best firm to protect your interests. We don’t cut corners and protect you from day one.


October 18, 2017 Dismissal of DUI Charges for Under 21 Year Old Client. She Pled Guilty to an Infraction (Cvc 23140) with No Probation

In April 2017, we received a call from a dear client advising that her daughter, who was under 21 years old, was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. California has an extremely strict zero-tolerance policy with regard to underage drinking. Our strategic planning allowed us to immediately encourage the minor to attend AA meetings, as well as attend a DUI course so that she can appreciate the dangers of drinking and driving. Aspiring to become a Physician one day, we were focused on getting her misdemeanors dismissed.

After various court appearances, we were finally able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the charges against our client and allow her to plead no contest to an INFRACTION of underage drinking (CVC 23140). As a result, Stephanie will not have a “conviction” on her record and we all remain hopeful that she has learned her lesson about the dangers of underage drinking.

CLICK HERE to see her .14 blood alcohol concentration

CLICK HERE to see the COURT RECORDS showing the dismissal of the misdemeanor charges against her.

Most importantly, she is not on probation whatsoever. We have always believed in giving our youths second chances. Stephanie will get that second chance and will someday pass on what she learned to others in her field of medicine.

Persistence Pays Off. on 10/18/2017, DUI Charges Cvc 23152(A) Dismissed. Client Pleads to Non-DUI (Dry Reckless) Cvc 23103

One of the most common criminal charges filed against the “average person” is a DUI. This can happen to anyone. You are enjoying a beer, wine or other alcoholic beverage, and then, suddenly, you are confronted with having to prove that you’re not impaired. You are asked to engage in a series of balancing acts (which you don’t have to do by the way) and then suddenly you’re arrested. Well, there are over 100 reasons why we can convince a prosecutor to dismiss DUI charges against you. Each case is unique. Each case has its own fact pattern. But, in theory, the defense presentation is the same. We analyze and over analyze and come up with creative solutions.

In the case above, our client “Amanda” was charged with a DUI. After months of litigation, reviewing evidence, videos, audio, etc., we were able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the DUI charges against our client. In exchange, our client pled guilty to a “dry reckless” commonly known as “reckless driving”. This is NOT A DUI. Imagine if you were driving reckless on the road without being impaired or under the influence of alcohol. That is what this charge is about.

Kia Feyzjou of Kia Law Firm is a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist. Come by for a free consultation to see how we can make a difference in your life.

CLICK HERE to see the dismissal of the DUI charges.

Also, please note that at Kia Law Firm, we ALWAYS include court records showing the dismissals or wins we obtain in court. Unlike other law firms that simply say what they’ve done or accomplished, we document it. We believe that trust is the basis of every relationship. Therefore, when you can physically see and touch the result, it is based on honesty and loyalty, which results in the creation of a stronger attorney-client relationship. We want our clients to trust our advice, therefore, we demonstrate all of our wins by attaching minute orders from the Court.

Call (951) 686-4818 for a free consultation with Kia Feyzjou related to any criminal case you are facing.

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