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Child Abuse and Child Endangerment Charges Dismissed. Case Settles for Disturbing the Peace on 08/20/2019

Our client was charged with significant misdemeanor charges involving child abuse and child endangerment. Through our defense investigation, we were successful in persuading the prosecutor to add a count 3, disturbing the peace charge in exchange for a 52 week class/program and community labor. The prosecutor was gracious enough to believe that our client deserved a second chance in not having a conviction that would lead to significant issues for work and child custody. The moral of the story, quite frankly, is that parents must use time-out as opposed to slapping children on the butt for bad behavior. At Kia Law Firm, we believe in giving people second chances, especially when they are able to demonstrate significant remorse.

CLICK HERE to see the dismissal of the child abuse/endangerment charges.

Child Endangerment and Reckless Driving Charges Dismissed. Client Pleads to Driving Without a License Only on August 19, 2019

We recently represented a client who was charged with driving recklessly and child endangerment. Through our negotiation, we were able to have his charges reduced to driving without a license, effectively saving him from having the long-term effects and stigma associated with child endangerment charges. At Kia Law Firm, our focus is on our clients and their rehabilitation efforts at times. The result here is a result of strategic negotiations aimed to ensure that clients plead guilty to only those chares which are factually supported. In this case, we were able to help this young family in this time of need.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the minutes reflecting the plea bargain.

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Not Guilty Verdict at DUI Trial and Motion for New Trial Granted as to Other Charges

Our client was charged with CVC 23152(a) and CVC 23152(b), commonly referred to as driving under the influence of alcohol. Our office represented the client at trial. On June 3, 2019, the verdicts were read by the Court. The jury found the defendant NOT GUILTY of driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or more (CVC 23152(b)) and guilty of driving while impaired (CVC 23152(a)). During closing arguments, attorney Kia Feyzjou objected to certain statements made by the prosecutor to entice the jury to return a guilty verdict. Mr. Feyzjou felt that the statements were contrary to law and aimed to influence the jury’s passion in voting guilty.

Since there was a split verdict of guilty and not guilty, the court set sentencing for August 2, 2019.
However, prior to sentencing, on June 27, 2019, Mr. Feyzjou filed a MOTION FOR NEW TRIAL alleging prosecutorial misconduct.

On July 26, 2019, the Riverside District Attorney’s Office filed the opposition to the defense motion for a new trial

On August 2, 2019, the court granted the motion for new trial as to the GUILTY CHARGE. As such, our client was never found guilty of that DUI charge and a retrial will be scheduled soon.


In summary, we learn one thing. If you’re on our website and deciding which lawyer to hire, you’re doing the right thing. Spend time to review the attorney’s awards, achievements and accolades. Also, it is important to see if your proposed attorney is aggressive in a courtroom. When Mr. Feyzjou determined that there is a violation of the law, he immediately filed an objection and a Motion for New Trial. The motion was ultimately granted.

Be aggressive and find the right lawyer to defend you against charges that you feel may be unjustified. We can be reached at (951) 686-4818 and always offer a free consultation.

Motion to Terminate Probation Early Is Granted on June 14, 2019

Our client was placed on summary probation for a period of 36 months following her conviction. She then sought out our services to attempt
to terminate her probation early so that she could continue with higher education. After the filing of an appropriate motion, the
prosecutor agreed to not oppose our motion. As such, on June 14, 2019, the court granted our motion and the Defendant now can advance in
her educational career which was being hindered by the status of her probation.

CLICK HERE  to see the motion, the prosecutor’s non-opposition and the court’s order granting the motion to terminate probation.

At Kia Law Firm, we strive for excellent representation at both the pre-trial level as well as post-conviction relief.

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DUI Charges Are Dismissed on May 24, 2019 and Client Pleads to a Dry Reckless

Our client, Joseph, hired us to assist with an allegation of a drug DUI. Within 80 days of defending Joseph in this case, we were able to get the prosecutor to dismiss the DUI charges against the client and have the client plead to a “Dry Reckless”. This plea saved the client’s career and drivers license.

CLICK HERE to see the LACOURT.ORG Criminal Case Summary of the dismissed DUI.

CLICK HERE to see the Court Minutes pertaining to the dismissal.

At Kia Law Firm, we pride ourselves on excellent representation from low level misdemeanors to high end felonies. If you have any questions about a current or pending case against you or a loved one, contact our office at (951) 686-4818.

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