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How to Choose the Right Lawyer

Choosing the right attorney to help you with a criminal matter can be a daunting task. There are a lot of attorneys that advertise that they do criminal law. Many legal practitioners often moonlight in criminal law cases because it appears easier than the civil work that they are used to. All too often, it is these attorneys that are good at negotiating, but aren’t so good at being prepared, or even willing to announce ready to trial.

The key to any successful criminal defense practice is the knowledge, experience and wisdom to know when to fight a case and when to settle. If you don’t have the proper balance to set the appropriate cases for trial, you lose credibility in this profession.

Kick-ass criminal defense attorneys focus on the detail and find witnesses to help your case. Police officers routinely summarize their police reports. What does this mean? This means that the officer writes the report, unfortunately, in favor of the prosecution. Our job as advocates is to test the accuracy of said reports, obtain the notes, records and other records to show that perhaps they didn’t do their job right.

Don’t plead guilty because it is the easy thing to do. A criminal conviction will chase you all your life, through immigration, work and other aspects of your life. You get once chance to fight, fight it right. Defend yourself against frivolous charges.

Felony Sexual Penetration/Oral Copulation Charges Dismissed on September 4, 2019. Client Is Extremely Happy.

Our client, Michael, adamantly maintained his innocence that he was falsely accused of some serious offenses.

He was charged with Oral Copulation and Sexual Penetration. On September 4, 2019, as we neared our scheduled trial date, the prosecution reevaluated the case and dismissed all of the charges against Michael. It was a victorious day for our client clearing his name of such wrongdoing.

CLICK HERE  to view a copy of the dismissal.

Six Felony Theft Charges Dismissed. Case Resolves for Misdemeanor Disturbing the Peace [Pc 415(2)]

Our client was facing six theft felony charges arising from a certain level of misconduct. Our client made significant errors related to her misconduct. Upon recognition of these issues, we immediately contacted the victims and made full restitution reimbursement of all of the losses. We were able to demonstrate significant remorse, acceptance of responsibility and rehabilitation. Having the prospect of being a convicted felon was a major turning point for our client to change her life around. The prosecutor agreed with our assessment and was wiling to amend the charges to add a Count 7, a violation of misdemeanor disturbing the peace. This not only prevented the client from becoming a convicted felon, but it allowed our client to continue her career without the jeopardy of losing it all.

CLICK HERE to see the case report showing the dismissal of the 6 felony charges.

If you have any legal questions about your criminal case, please feel free to contact us at (951) 686-4818 for a free consultation. We respond to calls and inquiries 24/7.

Child Abuse and Child Endangerment Charges Dismissed. Case Settles for Disturbing the Peace on 08/20/2019

Our client was charged with significant misdemeanor charges involving child abuse and child endangerment. Through our defense investigation, we were successful in persuading the prosecutor to add a count 3, disturbing the peace charge in exchange for a 52 week class/program and community labor. The prosecutor was gracious enough to believe that our client deserved a second chance in not having a conviction that would lead to significant issues for work and child custody. The moral of the story, quite frankly, is that parents must use time-out as opposed to slapping children on the butt for bad behavior. At Kia Law Firm, we believe in giving people second chances, especially when they are able to demonstrate significant remorse.

CLICK HERE to see the dismissal of the child abuse/endangerment charges.

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