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Not Guilty Verdict, Hung Jury, Client is Released

Charges: Client was charged with multiple violations, including making terrorist threats (PC 422), assault with a deadly weapon (PC245(a)(1), burglary (PC 459), Vandalism (PC594(a), etc. This matter went to jury trial.

Result: At jury trial, the jurors could not reach a unanimous verdict on the 2 strike allegations of Assault with a Deadly Weapon or making terrorist threats. Accordingly, those two charges were a mistrial. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty on burglary and vandalism and returned a verdict of guilty as to battery – which was a misdemeanor.   The District Attorney did not retry the case. The matter settled for a simple assault – PC 240 – which was a misdemeanor. On behalf of the client, we were able to avoid a felony conviction, avoid the two strikes and avoid state prison.


Felony Charges Dismissed. Reduced to Misdemeanor Assault on the Day of Trial.

Charges: Client was charged with three felony counts of making terrorist threats (PC 422), assault with a deadly weapon (PC 245(a)(1), as well as Burglary (PC 459). The alleged victim in this matter was shown to be entirely unreliable in his statements to the police. We announced ready for trial, and, prior to picking a jury, the prosecution offered our client the opportunity to plead guilty to one charge of simple assault, a misdemeanor. The client accepted the offer, avoided a state prison charge, avoided two strikes and was able to maintain his employment.

Result: Charges reduced to a simple assault charge.

Trial Update: Hung jury verdict prosecution unable to convict client at trial


Felony-PC 288(a) Lewd act child under 14yrs


This is a case that went to trial. We were able to successfully persuade the Jury that the charges against Mr. Llamas were unsubstantiated. The jury was deadlocked after having attempted to reach a verdict. In the criminal defense world, a hung jury results in a mistrial. This means that the Prosecution was unable to persuade 12 jurors that our client is guilty. Preventing a conviction is always a win. 

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