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Defendant is Offered to Accept Life in Prison Before Trial. Offer Rejected. Mr. Feyzjou Wins at Trial. Case Dismissed.


The case above represents a prime example of how Mr. Feyzjou’s client was offered to accept a life sentence before trial. I strongly believed in the innocence of my client. We rejected the offer. We proceeded to trial. For many attorneys, this would have been a daunting task. Many attorneys who are fearful of going to trial often pressure their clients to accept deals, rather than test the state of the evidence.

Using litigation strategies, tactics and exceptional trial litigation skills, my client and I moved forward and trial commenced. I have attached the transcript referencing the life sentence offer my client was given prior to our starting trial.  I have also attached the court’s “docket” which reflects what happened at trial. Please note the second to last page of this PDF attachment. As you will note, the case was dismissed after the jury returned with a hung jury verdict.

What does this mean? This means that an individual who was facing life in prison is now a free man. The police officer believed my client was guilty, therefore, he was arrested. The Los Angeles District Attorney believed that my client was guilty beyond a reasonable a doubt, therefore, they filed a criminal complaint against him. However, my office, myself and my staff believed in the innocence of our client.

My exceptional trial skills allowed me to persuade the 12 impaneled jurors that this case was based on more of a personal vendetta against my client, as opposed to a true violation of any criminal statute.

To this day, my client keeps in contact with me, practically, on a weekly basis thanking me for the work we did on his behalf.

A good trial attorney will post not only his results, but proof to back it up. For all of our exceptional results, you will see minute orders and court records referencing our past record. When choosing an attorney to assist you on your criminal matter, don’t rely on anonymous statements that are unsupported. As you will note, we redact the names of our clients for confidentiality reasons, however, the records are nonetheless made public on

If you have any legal questions related to any criminal offense, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Jury Trial Just Completed on a Drunk Driving Case. Case Dismissed After Jury Returns with a Hung Jury Verdict.

PEOPLE v. RODRIGUEZ, Dept. 70, Metropolitan Courthouse – Los Angeles

Copy of the Minute Order Reflecting The Verdict and Dismissal Will Be Updated Shortly


Mr. Feyzjou recently tried a case where the prosecution alleged a violation of Vehicle Code 23152(a) and 23152(b). The case went to jury trial. Mr. Feyzjou cross-examined the police officer and chemist.  The jury deliberated for a day and returned indicating that they could not come to a unanimous decision regarding guilty. The jury was deadlocked 10 votes for not guilty and 2 votes for guilt on the issue of impairment. Additionally, the jury was deadlocked 7 votes for not guilty and 5 votes for guilty on the issue of whether the client was driving on a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or more.

After the jury returned with their verdict, Mr. Feyzjou filed a motion to dismiss the entire case pursuant to Penal Code 1385. The judge granted this request on the theory that the Judge, as the 13th juror, could independently evaluate the the case and determine whether the matter should be refiled.

After hearing the evidence, the court determined there was insufficient evidence to warrant a re-trial and the case was dismissed.

Burglary and Perjury Charges (Felonies) Dismissed. Misdemeanor Sentence Imposed.


Client is charged with committing two felonies (Burglary and Perjury) while at the DMV. Through our investigation, we are able to demonstrate that the felony charges are inappropriate for the Defendant’s conduct. Our client was initially given a State Prison sentence to resolve this case. Ultimately, we continue to aggressively defend these charges and the felonies are dismissed. The client pleads to a misdemeanor violation of the law and is released from jail and is able to Christmas with his family.


Felony charges dismissed. Client pleads guilty to a misdemeanor. Client is released and avoids mandatory deportation and a felony.


Drug Case-Case Dismissed-Violation of Client’s Constitutional Rights


A suppression motion, commonly referred to as a PC 1538.5 motion is an opportunity a defense attorney can utilize to suppress certain evidence illegally obtained. In the instant case, Marco was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance for sale. We have attached the first transcript of the preliminary hearing which shows that the Judge listened to evidence and ruled that the evidence seized from our client was done in violation of our client’s Legal and Constitutional Rights. Accordingly, please see page 23 of the Transcript (People v. Marco – Dated November 25, 2008) and you will see that the Judge dismissed the charges against our client.  Please see the detailed cross-examination of Mr. Feyzjou which led to the charges being dismissed. We have attached the complete court reporter’s transcript of the court proceeding (please note that case numbers and the full legal name of the Defendant have been blocked out for privacy purposes).


Case dismissed.



Interestingly, the law permits the prosecution to re-file charges that were dismissed. In other words, the prosecution gets two bites at the apple. Therefore, the prosecution re-filed the case and re-alleged the same violations of law. However, our office re-filed the Suppression Motion arguing that the Defendant’s rights were still violated. The next hearing for the suppression motion was December 19, 2008. The prosecution put on their witnesses and evidence. Again, the prosecution lost. The entire transcript is attached herein for your review. All of the charges against our client was dismissed. This was the second bite at the apple and the Judge dismissed the case in its entirety and the client was able to go home. Please review the preliminary hearing transcript which is attached below here.  This case stands for the proposition that aggressive representation, detailed questioning of law enforcement coupled with experience can lead a court to be sufficiently persuaded to dismiss charges that were brought against a Defendant in violation of a Defendant’s constitutional rights. Don’t just plead gulity. Call KIA LAW FIRM to discuss your particular fact pattern. If your rights have been violated, you too can possibly have your charges dismissed. There is never a consultation fee to speak to a lawyer at KIA LAW FIRM. We are available 24/7.


Sexual Battery Charges Case Dismissed Client Released

Charges: Client was arrested on the allegation that he engaged in violations of two felony counts of (1) Sexual Battery in violation of Penal Code 243.4(a), as well as (2) Penal Code 236, False Imprisonment. Upon initial interview, the client indicated that he was innocent and that the charges were falsely made. Through our investigation, we determined that the allegations were false. We presented the San Bernardino County District Attorney with evidence, declarations and other items of material nature to demonstrate that the so-called victim in this matter had brought charges against our client without any basis


Case ————— Defendant, BRIAN 

Motion to Vacate Plea Granted. Client Was Able to Remain in this Country.

Charges: Client was charged with Domestic Violence, PC 273.5, a deportable offense according to the US Immigration Laws. We filed a Motion to Vacate the plea agreement on the grounds that the conviction was based on a violation of our client’s constitutional rights. Attached herein you will see the arguments that we raised. The prosecution was ultimately willing to “vacate” or “remove” the original charges of PC 273.5 (Domestic Violence Causing Traumatic Injury) and amend the charges to include a violation of PC 242 (Simple Battery).  These changes allowed the Defendant to adjust his immigration status to remain in this country.

Results: Charges Reduced to a Non-Deportable Conviction – Allowing Client to Become a US Citizen


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