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Domestic Violence Felony Charge Reduced to a Misdemeanor on April 3, 2018

Our client, George, was arrested on a felony charge of Penal Code 273.5 (Domestic Violence). Through negotiation with the local prosecutor, we were able to reduce it to a misdemeanor. This was a very difficult case where the felony was a pretty much guarantee (had we not been involved to get a mitigation package together for a DA reduction consideration.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the case summary.

Domestic Violence Charges Are Reduced to Disturbing the Peace Charges on Jury Trial Date of April 2, 2018

Kia Law Firm recently represented a client who was accused of misdemeanor Domestic Violence charges (PC 273.5). The matter was set for trial on 04/02/18. Through successful negotiations, we were able to reduce the domestic violence charge to a disturbing the peace charge Penal Code 415(2) also known as “a violation for loud noise”. Although the client had a fantastic case for trial, he preferred to resolve the matter and not go through trial. Sentencing was put over for 6 months for him to finish some classes. When we return in October 2018, he will have what is referred to as a “terminal disposition”. In other words, he will not be on any form of probation at anytime whatsoever. By having him plead to a disturbing the peace, he will have the ability to continue to maintain his gun possession rights. At Kia Law Firm, we are committed to obtaining the best possible outcome. If a client chooses not to go to trial, we still have the ability to utilize our experience in seeking reduction of charges when appropriate. Call (951) 686-4818 for a second opinion on your existing case, or to start with Kia Law Firm as your attorney of record from the beginning.

CLICK HERE to see the court documents

Felony Theft Charges Reduced to Misdemeanors on March 27, 2018

At KIA LAW FIRM, we look for ways to completely help people avoid all criminal convictions if possible. However, at times, clients are caught red-handed making poor choices. In situations like that, we always resort to mitigation to minimize any impact and collateral consequences that a criminal conviction may have. In the case below, we were able to demonstrate to the Court that our clients accepted full responsibility for their bad behavior. While the prosecutor wanted felony probation, we were able to secure misdemeanor reductions through the court. Our clients followed our advice, were able to demonstrate the requisite amount of acceptance of responsibility and complete certain programs that indicate rehabilitation. As a result, they are not convicted felons. A conviction for a felony has drastic consequences, including inability to find employment easily, the inability to own or possess firearms and/or ammunition and other consequences. By giving the clients a second chance at redemption, they can ultimately earn an expungement of the charges as well.

CLICK HERE and HERE for the case results from the court. At KIA LAW FIRM, we just don’t tell you what reductions or wins we obtain, we always demonstrate our commitment to excellence in writing by giving you, our prospective client, the opportunity to review case reports. The attorney-client relationship is based on trust. If you don’t trust your attorney, don’t hire them.

Felony Domestic Violence Charges Reduced to Misdemeanors on March 26, 2018

Our client, Chris, was offered a felony plea agreement by the prosecutor in this matter. On March 26, 2018, we were able to obtain reductions of both charges to misdemeanors from the Court. As a result, our client was able to continue with his career which would have been terminated had he been convicted of a felony.

CLICK HERE for a copy of his case report.

Not Guilty Verdict at Domestic Violence Trial on 02/22/2018 in the Rancho Cucamonga Courthouse

KIA LAW FIRM is pleased to report another NOT GUILTY verdict in a recent DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TRIAL in the San Bernardino Superior Court. Our client, Oscar, was wrongfully accused of domestic violence. He was on the verge of losing his career based on these false allegations. After a 5 day jury trial, the jury returned with a NOT GUILTY verdict and our client was able to secure his freedom, his clean criminal record and his valuable reputation in the community. Prior to trial, we were offered to plead to a disturbing the peace misdemeanor charge, which we rejected – as innocence is invaluable. If you have any criminal questions about a new arrest or an existing case that you are involved in, please contact us. We are also pleased to announce that KIA LAW FIRM Associate Emily Oliver assisted Mr. Feyzjou with the trial and we are pleased to have her on board in our team of lawyers.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to access the “Minute Order” referencing the NOT GUILTY verdict.

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