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Not Guilty Verdict at Sexual Battery Trial on August 28, 2018

On August 6, 2018, attorney Kia Feyzjou commenced trial on a sexual battery charge, as well as two other charges. Our client was accused of touching the intimate body parts of a girl he was dating. This particular girl, the so-called victim, claimed that she wasn’t dating our client and that they merely had a “business relationship”. The prosecutor believed in the veracity of the alleged victim’s statements and pressed charges against our client. At the initial arraignment, our client was given an offer to resolve the case if he were to agree to register as a sex-offender pursuant to Penal Code 290.

On July 12, 2018, Attorney KIA FEYZJOU set this matter for trial, with an expected start date of August 6, 2018. CLICK HERE to see the MINUTES confirming our trial date.

CLICK HERE to see the PROSECUTOR’S OFFER to resolve the case. Of course, we rejected the offer the rightfully litigated the matter through trial, starting on August 6, 2018 in the East Los Angeles Courthouse of the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney KIA FEYZJOU was in trial defending our client for a total of 17 trial days, commencing on August 6, 2018 and reaching verdict on August 28, 2018. CLICK HERE to see the NUMBER OF DAYS this matter was in trial (17 days).

After almost 4 weeks of trial, the matter was submitted to the jury. With several hours of deliberations, the jury returned with a NOT GUILTY verdict as to the sexual battery charge which would have required the possibility of lifetime registration as a sex-offender. The jury did find our client guilty of simple battery and dissuading a witness which DO NOT CARRY LIFETIME SEXUAL OFFENDER REGISTRATION.


We believe, that, first and foremost, criminal defense lawyers must be humble, yet aggressive. Our office utilized every available opportunity to avoid trial by requesting that the prosecutor offer a NON-REGISTRABLE OFFENSE prior to trial. Each time we asked, our offer was rejected. Recognizing that we had no choice but to proceed to trial, we assemble our defense exhibits, trial brief and expert defense DNA arguments and announced ready for trial and received the verdict we sought that would have minimal impact on our client’s future.

Our office focuses on trials that result in favorable verdicts. To get an opinion of the strength and/or weakness of your case, please feel to contact Mr. Kia Feyzjou directly at (951) 686-4818, or contact Mr. Feyzjou’s two assistants at and for an immediate free in-person or telephonic consultation.

Child Endangerment and Battery Charges Dismissed on June 11, 2018

Our client was charged with battery and child endangerment. After months of litigation, the case was set for trial. Ultimately, we filed our in preparation for trial. CLICK HERE FOR THE FIRST PAGE OF OUR TRIAL BRIEF. One day before we were scheduled to start jury selection, the prosecutor dismissed all of the charges against our client. Our client’s self-defense claim was legitimate. The cops rushed to judgment. Our office is committed to excellence in criminal defense representation. Call or text us at (951) 686-4818 for a free, confidential consultation regarding your legal matter. CLICK HERE FOR A COPY OF THE DISMISSAL.

DUI and Hit and Run Charges Dismissed on June 1, 2018 in San Bernardino Superior Court

On June 1, 2018, we had our motion to dismiss 3 charges, including two separate DUI charges, as well as an allegation of hit and run. The court, after having reviewed our moving papers, agreed to dismiss the charges against our client, Nicholas. We strive to provide excellent representation at all levels. We treat people how we want to be treated if we were in your shoes. If you’re looking for that kind of 110% representation, then you’d be calling the right law firm to assist you during a time of need.


Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed on May 25, 2018

Our client, Mark, was accused of domestic violence, a violation of Penal Code 243(e)(1). Our client, Mark, was facing a false allegation of domestic violence by his partner who was attempting to gain an unfair advantage in family law court during the divorce proceeding. On April 13, 2018, we told the Judge that we wanted to go to trial. See the attached MINUTE ORDER confirming our trial date. We were told to come back on May 25, 2018, with the understanding that we would start trial on or before May 31, 2018. On May 25, 2018, our firm’s Associate, Emily Oliver, appeared and announced ready for trial. After reevaluating the case, the prosecutor then decided to dismiss the charges against Mark. CLICK HERE for the court paperwork dismissing the charges. So, what is the moral of the story here. A man and/or a woman can be arrested for a crime. A man and/or woman can be charged with a crime. However, this does not mean that they are guilty of the underlying offense beyond a reasonable doubt. If you are facing criminal charges and would like an evaluation of your case, contact us for a free consultation 24/7.

Domestic Violence Felony Charge Reduced to a Misdemeanor on April 3, 2018

Our client, George, was arrested on a felony charge of Penal Code 273.5 (Domestic Violence). Through negotiation with the local prosecutor, we were able to reduce it to a misdemeanor. This was a very difficult case where the felony was a pretty much guarantee (had we not been involved to get a mitigation package together for a DA reduction consideration.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the case summary.

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