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Client wrongfully accused of case gets his case dismissed on Dec 2, 2022

Facts:  Our client, Willie, was wrongfully accused of being involved in check fraud. When he first contacted our office, he indicated that he had not committed the instant offense. The prosecution had offered to resolve his case and for Willie to be placed on 1 year of summary probation and not to own any checking accounts. Through our investigation, we realized that we had a great case to set for trial. On our trial date, the prosecution finally agreed to dismiss the charges against our client. The moral of criminal defense work is that sometimes in life innocent people are falsely accused of being involved in crime. Without having a believer in your corner, clients often feel pressured to accept deals that are unjustified. We are pleased to have reported back to the client on the date of his dismissal that his name will be cleared from the case.

CLICK HERE to see the Criminal Complaint charging our client with misdemeanor charges.

to see the Court Dismissal document showing that charges dismissed against Willie.

Not Guilty Verdict at Domestic Violence Trial on Nov 17, 2022 (PC 273.5)

Our client, Henry, was accused of domestic violence. We met Henry 4.5 years ago. We went to trial twice in this matter. Our first trial resulted in a mistrial. 3 years after that, we set it for trial again. On November 10, 2022, we commenced trial on Henry’s case. We cross-examined the alleged victim. We argued that she was not credible and the jury believed in our position and found our client NOT GUILTY. Our client went home after the verdict ecstatic that his name was officially cleared of wrongdoing.


At KIA LAW FIRM, we know your case matters. We know that your case is important. We want you to remember us as the law firm that helped you clear your name. We offer free consultations.


CLICK HERE for the MINUTE ORDER showing our not guilty verdict.

Felony Case Dismissed (Penal Code 32 – Accessory After the Fact) on November 14, 2022

Our client, Seong, was charged with being an accessory to a felony charge involving a family member. From day one, he was adamant that he was not involved in any criminal misconduct whatsoever. The case was ultimately filed by the Riverside District Attorney’s Office. We respectfully declined to accept any deals in this case. Ultimately, our esteemed prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case as they felt that they could not prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt. Ultimately, the client gets the benefit of that dismissal.


CLICK HERE for a copy of the minutes documenting the dismissal.

Domestic Violence Charges Fully Dismissed Against Our Client on October 19, 2022

Our client, Benjamin, was falsely accused of two acts of domestic violence: (1) PC 273.5(a) and PC 245(a)(1). When we first met Benjamin, he explained that the arresting officer believed him over her and that she was the primary aggressor. We therefore set the case for trial on various dates hoping to get the case dismissed. The case was set for trial on 09/28/2021, 12/07/21, 4/4/2022, 05/18/2022, 06/23/2022, and 10/19/2022. It wasn’t until 10/19/2022 that we were able to get the charges fully dismissed. We had been offered deals to resolve the case which we had rejected. At Kia Law Firm, we believe in persistence to get our client’s cases dismissed when the facts merit a dismissal. The end of the journey for Benjamin was a joyous one. We brought him into a private room at the courthouse and let him know that the prosecutor had finally decided to dismiss the case against him. He had tears of joy. It is these emotional connections we build with our clients that allow us to join in their happiness. Call us at (951) 686-4818 for a free consultation for your case.

CLICK HERE to see the record of dismissal

Felony Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed and Case Resolves For a Misdemeanor on September 19, 2022

Facts:    Our client, James, was accused of felony domestic violence. At the initial client meeting, we discussed goals. Unfortunately for James, he was aggressive towards his wife and accepted full responsibility, however, we knew with the right amount of proactive work, preparation and planning, we could attempt to avoid a felony conviction. Throughout  the year our office worked on the case, James attended Domestic Violence Counseling classes, attended individual and group therapy meetings with his wife and showed upmost respect for rehabilitation. Today, on September 19, 2022, a Riverside Superior Court Judge accepted our request to drop the felony charge. James can now continue to work in his field, not be a convicted felon and turn his life around. At Kia Law Firm, we understand that sometimes our client make poor choices, but life is often about change. James decided to change and he benefited from our recommendations which he fully complied with.  Not being a convicted felon is a win for many of our clients who understandably want to better themselves.


CLICK HERE for the link to the felony reduction.

Domestic Violence PC 273.5 Charges Dismissed On Scheduled Trial Date

Facts: Our client was accused of domestic violence by a disgruntled ex-boyfriend for what may have been child custody motives. On day one, we recommended to the client to follow our advice so that we can strategically dismantle the prosecution’s case. Thankfully, she listened. When we give advice, it’s meant to obtain the desired result. The road may be challenging, but with the right mindset and a promising defensible case, we can achieve results for clients that are memorable. On May 6th, we announced ready for trial. We had previously rejected all settlement offers that would have resulted in admitting guilt. Thankfully, the prosecution reevaluated the case and dismissed the charge. Our client can now move on from this ordeal. At Kia Law Firm, we take great pride in achieving fantastic results for our clients. Call us for a free consultation consultation on your new or existing case anytime.

CLICK HERE to see the dismissal.

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