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DUI Charges Dismissed on May 24, 2017. Case Resolves for Reckless Driving.

KIA LAW FIRM is pleased to announce the dismissal of DUI CHARGES (CVC 23152(a)) charges. On May 24, 2017, Andrew pled to reckless driving. Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the dismissal of the DUI charges.

If you, a loved one, or friend has a pending criminal case that they need help with, feel free to contact our office at (951) 686-4818 for a free consultation.

Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed on April 18, 2017. Case Settles for an Infraction for Disturbing the Peace (Pc 415(A))

Our client was innocent. Quite simple. We were offered an infraction despite the fact that he was originally charged with PC 273.5, a Misdemeanor charge of domestic violence.

The infraction carried a fine of $200.00. The misdemeanor was dismissed. Client is not on probation. His record remains clear of any significant charges. Infractions don’t affect immigration cases or family law matters. We couldn’t refuse settling for an infraction. He’s happy. Mr. Feyzjou is happy. Off to the next case.

CLICK HERE to see a copy of the Minute Order.

Cvc 23152(A) and Cvc 23152(B) DUI Charges Dismissed on April 18, 2017. Case Settles for a Dry Reckless (Cvc 23103) – Not A DUI

Our client, Homar, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. After successful representation, we were able to get both DUI charges dismissed and have the client plead to a CVC 23103(a), commonly referred to as a “dry reckless”. A dry reckless is not a DUI.

CLICK HERE to see a copy of the Minute Order showing the dismissal.

At KIA LAW FIRM, we believe in building a trusting relationship with prospective clients. Many law firms claim that they get cases dismissed, at KIA LAW FIRM, we not only get great results, however, we demonstrate our wins by providing copies of COURT RECORDS to back up our success stories. All of our success stories in our RECENT RESULTS page are documented.

When choosing a lawyer, look for an attorney that documents their wins, not just claims that they get cases dismissed. Trust is earned, it is not automatic.

If you have a current case that you need an opinion about, contact us at (951) 686-4818.

Client Avoids State Prison on Violent Felony Charge, Case Settles for Probation on March 2, 2017

In August 2016, our office received a telephone call from a distraught family member whose father was recently arrested for quite a serious charge. The maximum penalty for a violation of Penal Code 288(a) is 8 years prison.

CLICK HERE to see a copy of the maximum penalty for a violation of PC 288(a). After assembling our team of experts to evaluate the client, we were able to medical expert testimony to mitigate the damages in this case. Fortunately, we worked with a superb Riverside District Attorney who was extremely professional, cooperative and willing for our office to utilize the necessary time needed to obtain an expert. While most prosecutors are exceptionally professional, frankly, this particular prosecutor was a pleasure to work with.

In any event, on March 2, 2017, we finally were able to secure an offer from the Court wherein the client would not be sent to 3 years prison as the prosecutor wanted, rather, the client would receive only 365 days in county jail (with 50% custody credits). In other words, the client was released after 180 days in county jail and is now with his family. The maximum penalty for this offense would have been 8 years in prison.

CLICK HERE to see the CRIMINAL CASE REPORT which indicates that the matter settled for 365 days of jail and 5 years probation.

CLICK HERE to see the YELP review written by the client’s family in relation to the case.

The learning lesson from these facts is that proper lawyering can make the difference between a client being sent away to State Prison as opposed to a family member who has committed a crime to come home. At Kia Law Firm, we focus on justice. Sometimes, clients are completely innocent of their charges and nothing but aggressive lawyering can satisfy justice. Conversely, there are times where a client should get a second chance in life after having committed an offense.

As criminal defense attorneys, we strive to make a difference in every case we handle. We focus on the client’s result 24/7.

The most important advice we can give any prospective client when choosing a criminal defense lawyer is how happy have other clients been with the attorney’s prior representation of other clients. These reviews establish the focus, dedication and professionalism that the lawyer conveys to clients, court staff and opposing counsel.

Our focus is on resolving the case favorably on each case we handle. As a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, Mr. Kia Feyzjou has the distinct ability to settle the case that need settling and to go to trial on the case that need a jury to determine guilt or innocence. It is this precise flexibility that provides clients the peace of mind knowing that Mr. Feyzjou will give 110% of his efforts to analyze and pursue every possible defense possible.

All too often, innocent people plead guilty all the time so that they can just “get it over with” or “go home”. We discourage this form of thinking.

If you have any criminal case that needs review, feel free to contact our office at (951) 686-4818 or email Mr. Feyzjou directly at Each prospective client will get a reply email generally the same day.

All Felony Charges Dismissed (Penal Code 422 [Criminal Threats], Firearm, Prison Priors Etc. on February 9, 2017

Approximately 2 years ago, we met a client who claimed that he was innocent and that he was being falsely accused of a crime. After we conducted our own investigation in the case, we determined that he was telling the truth. We tried to get the case dismissed before preliminary hearing, however, the prosecutor was adamant that our client was “good for the charges”. Therefore, we had no choice but to force the police officer to testify at the preliminary hearing. We poked various holes in the prosecution’s case. However, despite all our work, the Court still believed that there was still sufficient evidence to reasonably believe that our client committed the crime – accordingly, the Court set a trial date.

We never gave up hope. Two weeks before trial, the prosecutor reevaluated their case. The 15 year offer that they had made to our client was taken off the table. They didn’t even offer to settle the case for a misdemeanor. The prosecutor literally dismissed all of the charges against him.

Keep in mind that our client had a significant criminal history, including two prison priors, a perjury charge and a prior DUI. However, due to the lawyering skills of Mr. Feyzjou, A Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, the prosecutor finally agreed to get rid of the entire case.

On February 9, 2017, the criminal charges were dismissed. Our client went home and called Mr. Feyzjou to have dinner. A remarkable evening of wine, good food and celebration was in order to celebrate the innocence of a man falsely accused of a crime.

If you have been accused of a crime and you need legal help, contact Kia Law Firm. We are available 24/7. You can reach us at (951) 686-4818.



Domestic Violence Charge Dismissed on the Day of Trial February 14, 2017

Our client was falsely accused of committing an act of domestic violence. He was arrested on one felony charge of Penal Code 273.5. He was arrested and posted bond. When William first came into our office, he told us he was innocent and that he did not strike his wife as the initial aggressor. He claimed that he was injured in the altercation and that he was defending himself when his wife attacked him. After doing our own investigation, our office agreed and we advised William that we would seek a dismissal or a not guilty verdict at trial. On February 14, 2017 (ironically, Valentine’s Day), the matter was set for trial. Attorney Kia Feyzjou appeared along with the client to announce ready for trial. After showing up prepared and ready to start trial, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the charge against our client. Our client was about to lose his job with a high ranking government entity because of these charges. Once the dismissal was entered, we waited to get a certified copy of the dismissal so that he could take a copy to his employer.

The moral of the story is as follows: If you are innocent and falsely accused of a crime, hire a competent, experienced attorney. At Kia Law Firm, we only take cases that we believe in to trial. We don’t waste your time setting cases for trial that aren’t cases that we expect to be successful. In this instance, the prosecutor had second thoughts about the strength of the case, hence the dismissal.

Please CLICK HERE to see a copy of the Minute Order of the charge case our client.

Please CLICK HERE to see a copy of the original Penal Code 273.5 felony arrest and Penal Code 273.5 misdemeanor charge.

We welcome you to contact our office for a free consultation regarding your existing case. You can reach us at: (951) 686-4818.

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