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I Failed To Make My Mandatory Probation Hearing Due To A Family Illness.

People typically think of probation relating to a person who was released early from prison for good behavior, but is being watched closely. Probation is essentially the postponement of a jail sentence that permits a person convicted of a crime the opportunity to continue living and engaging in the community, rather than going to jail. Probation requires people to abide by particular court-ordered regulations and conditions while being supervised by a probation officer.

Conditions of Probation

Since probation is a time when you otherwise would have been in jail, those in law enforcement see it as a time when you should be closely monitored and putting your best foot forward. Often, probation conditions involve the following:

  • Completing community service
  • Attending appointments with your probation officer
  • Abstaining from using illegal substances or exorbitant amounts of alcohol
  • Staying away from certain persons and locations
  • Showing up in court for specified hearings

The Purpose of Court Hearings

Often, you may be required to appear before a judge for a hearing where the court is simply checking up on you and making sure you are abiding by the conditions of your probation. On the other hand, if you have already violated your probation, you may be required to show up in court to address your wrongdoing. If you are on probation for any reason, it’s important to be in contact with a qualified attorney who understands California law and has experience with probation issues.

Probation Violations

It’s one thing to disregard the stipulations of your probation and outright ignore a mandate to appear in court, but when you miss for a legitimate reason such as a family illness, there can be contingencies that will protect you. At Kia Law Firm, we can resolve your bench warrant, probation violation, failure to appear, failure to pay a fine and failure to comply with other terms of your particular case. Call (855) 662-2723 or Contact Kia Law online today.

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