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October 20, 2017 Dismissal of Burglary Charges After 27 Months of Litigation

Our client, in July 2015 was falsely accused of committing a burglary. When we first met Pierre 27 months ago in July 2015, he explained how he did not commit any crimes. He drew us a picture of the layout of the scene and indicated that he was being set up by a competitor who was in the same line of business. The purpose of the false allegation was to force our client out of business. From day one, we believed in the innocence of our client. Session after session, we gathered all of our evidence in support of his defense. We provided the prosecution with documentation, police reports, photos and business receipts showing that the allegations were false. We were offered “deals” which required our client to plead guilty to some other offense. Since our client was innocent, we continuously refused. In fact, we even set the matter for trial multiple times. Eventually, after 27 months (our longest case to be honest), the prosecutor finally agreed to dismiss all of the charges against Pierre. When we called Pierre to tell him about the news, he cried. It truly is a beautiful thing to be able to call a client and tell them that their case has been dismissed.

So, what is the moral of the story here. At KIA LAW FIRM, we don’t take on a case to finish it as quickly as possible. We take our time to DO THINGS RIGHT. Although we were on a flat-fee with the client, our focus has never been on finishing cases quickly. Instead, we resolve cases based on our belief that we have reached the best result possible. In this case, for Pierre, the best result was 27 months of litigation and 27 COURT SESSIONS.

The attorney-client privilege is a relationship based on TRUST. If you can’t trust your lawyer, don’t hire him/her. We strive to be the best firm to protect your interests. We don’t cut corners and protect you from day one.


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