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Persistence Pays Off. on 10/18/2017, DUI Charges Cvc 23152(A) Dismissed. Client Pleads to Non-DUI (Dry Reckless) Cvc 23103

One of the most common criminal charges filed against the “average person” is a DUI. This can happen to anyone. You are enjoying a beer, wine or other alcoholic beverage, and then, suddenly, you are confronted with having to prove that you’re not impaired. You are asked to engage in a series of balancing acts (which you don’t have to do by the way) and then suddenly you’re arrested. Well, there are over 100 reasons why we can convince a prosecutor to dismiss DUI charges against you. Each case is unique. Each case has its own fact pattern. But, in theory, the defense presentation is the same. We analyze and over analyze and come up with creative solutions.

In the case above, our client “Amanda” was charged with a DUI. After months of litigation, reviewing evidence, videos, audio, etc., we were able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the DUI charges against our client. In exchange, our client pled guilty to a “dry reckless” commonly known as “reckless driving”. This is NOT A DUI. Imagine if you were driving reckless on the road without being impaired or under the influence of alcohol. That is what this charge is about.

Kia Feyzjou of Kia Law Firm is a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist. Come by for a free consultation to see how we can make a difference in your life.

CLICK HERE to see the dismissal of the DUI charges.

Also, please note that at Kia Law Firm, we ALWAYS include court records showing the dismissals or wins we obtain in court. Unlike other law firms that simply say what they’ve done or accomplished, we document it. We believe that trust is the basis of every relationship. Therefore, when you can physically see and touch the result, it is based on honesty and loyalty, which results in the creation of a stronger attorney-client relationship. We want our clients to trust our advice, therefore, we demonstrate all of our wins by attaching minute orders from the Court.

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