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Client is Facing 9 Years In Prison, With a Prior Strike And 2 Felonies Settles For A Misdemeanor And Is Released From Jail


This is the story of Mr. Larios. He was arrested and charged with operating a “Chop Shop”, essentially dealing with stolen cars and selling their parts. Mr. Larios was offered 4 years in Prison when he was represented by the Deputy Public Defender. He was in custody for six months before he decided to hire our office.

Mr. Larios had a prior strike from 2008 and the prosecutor initially wanted State Prison when Mr. Larios attempted to settle the case initially. After we substituted in, we presented all of the weaknesses of the prosecution’s case to the handling attorney on behalf of the San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office.

On April 9, 2014, after careful consideration, the prosecution agreed to dismiss the two felony charges and the strike prior against Mr. Larios in exchange for him pleading to a Misdemeanor. Mr. Larios was released the same day to his family.

So, how did we get the prosecution offer to reduce considerably? Quite simple: We evaluated the case, the facts, the witnesses and evidence and determined that the prosecution could not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Larios had engaged in unlawful criminal misconduct. At first, the prosecution was not in agreement with our analysis, however, they returned within 30 minutes and agreed to a reduction of the charges.

Had Mr. Larios taken the prosecution deal that was initially presented to him, he would have been serving 80% of 48 months.

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