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Not Guilty Jury Verdict On August 18th 2014 on Behalf of Our Client, A County Probation Officer



Our client is Juan Avila. He is a San Bernardino County Probation Officer.  The Riverside District Attorney’s Office filed charges against Mr. Avila for one count of Battery in violation of 242 for an offense that occurred on May 17, 2013. Both our client and I felt that the charges against Mr. Avila were unsupported by the law and evidence.  Juan and I decided to challenge the state’s evidence and we were focused on proving to a jury of his peers that Mr. Avila was not guilty of those charges.

We started trial on August 7, 2014. On August 18, 2014, 12 jurors from Riverside County voted that Mr. Avila was not guilty of the charges. Mr. Avila can now return to his work and resume his duties as a San Bernardino County Correction Probation Officer.

A law firm is talented in high stakes criminal prosecution matters.  We are focused on justice. Justice was served on August 18, 2014.

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Case RIM1310300 – Defendants

Seq Defendant Next Court Date Status Agency /
DR Number
Arrest Date Count 1 Charge Violation Date
05/17/2013 PC M242 05/17/2013

Case RIM1310300 – AVILA, JUAN URIEL – Status

  Custody N/A
Filing Type Complaint Filing Date 07/09/2013
Ordered Bail $35,000.00 Posted Bail $0.00
D.A. Amberlie Romney Defense PVT-Kia Feyzjou
Next Action: Deputy Report #: RSNO G131370031
Warrant Type Status Issued Affidavit
  NONE  N/A  N/A 
Probation Type Granted Expiration
  N/A N/A N/A
Sentence Convicted Date Fine and Penalty Restitution Fine

Case RIM1310300 – AVILA, JUAN URIEL – Charges

Arrest Charges
Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea Status
1 PC 243D M Force/Serious/Injury 05/17/2013
Filed Charges
Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea Status
1 PC M242 M Battery 05/17/2013 ACQUITTED

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